lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

World premier: Unveiled Keruve 2010, the direct locator for persons with Alzheimer’s, more discret, realiable and easy to use.

Vision Localization Systems and CEAFA (Spanish Confederation of Relatives of Alzheimer’s), unveils during the World Alzheimer’s Day, in a world premier, the locator for persons with Alzheimer’s disease Keruve 2010, the most discret, reliable and easy to use, ever developed.

The locator Keruve 2010 ( maintains the main characteristics of its predecessor. Its consists of a GPS Watch with safety clasp that wears the person with Alzheimer's disease, and a Portable Receiver that own the family.
A simple touch of a receiver's button and the caregiver will see on the screen a map showing the exact position of the person wearing the Keruve Watch. It has several positioning systems, and sends an alarm to the family if leaves the safety zone or low battery is detected.

The novelty of Keruve 2010 compaired to its predecessor (Keruve 2007) are the following:

1 .- Three gentleman models (classic, sports)
2 .- Two lady models
3 .- Unisex model
4 .- With all time numbers

1 .- Four positioning systems: GPS-SBAS (<2.5m), propietary indoor positioning system (10-40m), VisionCellid (precision 200-500m), T-GSM (approximate area 200-1.500m).
2 .- Multiple communication system: Multicoverage. Use the sum of all GSM networks available in each country, achieving the best coverage ever.
3 .- Instant Location: Locate in 7 seconds.
4 .- Localization system for places where no street references are available.

1 .- Labeled buttons in the touch screen.
2 .- Handling even easier
3 .- Big display of 4.2”, with large street letters for easy reading
4 .- Receiver with ergonomic design

Jesus Maria Rodrigo, CEO of Spanish Confederation of Relatives of Alzheimer’s (CEAFA): "From CEAFA we feel very positive and interesting to know that people with Alzheimer's disease have products like the Keruve 2010 direct locator we presented today, giving peace of mind to the family and the ability to easily locate the sufferer when they do not remember who they are. This is essential to avoid more news in media like the ones repeated last years about disappearances of people with alzheimer’s disease that often have dramatic ends. "

Abilio Caetano Pereira, CEO of Vision Localization Systems: "Since 2005 we are listening carefully to the families and professionals caring for people with Alzheimer's disease and developing specialized locators for them. I doubt there is anyone in the world who knows their needs better than us. Keruve 2010 have built-in all this knowledge. "

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